You Can Enjoy Skiing Every Season In Gaziantep

Visitors are able to ski whichever season they want, at the Erikçi Ski Center. The Erikçe Ski Center was constructed by the Büyükşehir Municipality of Gaziantep in the Erikçe Forest. It became a new sports and activity center for the people living in Gaziantep. The Erikçe Ski Center is now known to be a place where families spend a good time at the weekends and for children to have a fun time.

You Can Ski In The Winter and Even In The Summer

Gaziantep has already attracted millions of people, national and international for its delicious food and also for its nature and history. Now Gaziantep also gives the chance for people to ski in the winter and even in the summer to all the visitors. This ski center is not like the others, visitors can ski both in the winter and in the summer and it is also a place that especially children can spend time doing something else, rather than playing for hours on their computers, telephones and tablets. You can snowboard, do some Alps climbing and biatlon. The ski center covers about 214 hecters of the Erikçe Forest and the ski center was constructed on an area that had mainly rocks and curves, where there were no trees. The area has 4 different tracks. The track, which is 400 meters long is where the skiers can ski 60km in speed per hour.

Everything Has Been Thought For The Visitors

There are 3 other tracks, which are made according to the difficulty level and skiing and snowboarding can be done on all the tracks. The tracks made by the Büyükşehir Municipality of Gaziantep is in an area of about 17 thousand 500m square and there are materials exactly for 300 visitors.


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