Will The Rent For Business Be İncreased?

Ahmet Karabıyık, the author of the Hürriyet Newspaper, said today that "How much will the rent for work be increased?" in the article titled. Here are the details of the article ..

Those who earn rent income from the workplace will also be affected by tax increases in the draft law.

With the draft; Income Tax Law (GVK); the rate of lump-sum expense falls from 25 percent to 15 percent. The rate of the third tax rate increases from 27 percent to 30 percent. Both changes are; those who earn rent income will pay more taxes.

Those who earn workplace rent income have an advantage over those who obtain housing rents. Instead of paying taxes, they can also get tax returns from Finance. However, the tax annoyances will also be affected by changes in the bill, at least the amount of tax credits will be reduced.

Today we are dealing with 'tax calculations of those who earn workplace rent income'.

 We calculated two different taxes for 15 different monthly-annual business place rent income: the first; according to the current legislation, the second is the tax account made according to the changes in the bill. Therefore, property owners can see from this table how much tax they will pay / how much less they will be able to reimburse for the rent income in the event of the enactment of the design.

Property owners who prefer to go all-out due to the downfall in going to go will be affected. Due to the increase in the income tax rate (from 27 percent to 30 percent), only those who exceed the annual rental income tax of 30,000 liras will be affected. So; the annual rental income base of 30 thousand lirai passing – 70 thousand liraya for income – normally 27 per cent tax to pay, the bill will pay the rate of 30 per cent.

Who will give a declaration on March 2018?

In 2017, net 24,000 liras and gross income of more than 30,000 liras will be handed over by the declaration (1-25 March 2018) (GVK Article 86/1-c). If the workplace is assigned to a simple taxpayer (or rented without a tax cut obligation), the limit for making a declaration is 1,600 liras for the 2017 revenues (GVK Article 86/1-d).

The vast majority of property owners were choosing to take a lump, as it was easy to calculate and the real return during the period was less than the lump sum (25 percent of income). However, along with the enactment of the design of the parliamentary order, the expense (15 percent) will lose its appeal. 


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