Will Tender Process for Canal Istanbul Start This Year?

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Kadir Topbas has made some investigations about 3rd bridge, which still has on-going construction, with ambassadors and consuls of 65 different countries, including Spain, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Russia, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, China, France, England, Germand and the U.S.A.

Topbas also stated that next meeting will be in Istanbul New Airport (third airport). Kadir Topbas, who has also given important information about Canal Istanbul, says: “ It will be a mega project both for Istanbul and the whole world (100 billion dollars) thanks to the surrounding additional projects. Canal Istanbul project was an idea 2 years before and we studied on it. The reason why it still has not been put in a tender is unfinished examinations on routes around it. While considering environmental impacts we seek advise of universities. There are intense works so that it has been a bit delayed. There is no concrete step yet but there are on-going scientific and technical studies.” Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Mayor, Kadir Topbas, states that the project Canal Istanbul might be put in a tender this year.

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