Why Arabs Should Invest In Turkey?

Housing construction in Turkey continues to rise steadily each year. In Istanbul, Trabzon, Antalya, Ankara, Sakarya and many other big cities, branded projects are taking place. Especially during the last 5 years, every district of Istanbul started to look as if it is a city center. So we see that domestic investors and foreign investors start making investments in Turkey.


When we look at investments in Turkey from the Arab Peninsula we see that it is growing exponentially every year. Reva Real Estate General Manager Yusuf Boz made evaluations about  investing abroad and to meet those who want to invest in order to explain why it should be invested in Turkey.

 Reva Real Estate General Manager Yusuf Boz said that they have received great interest from investors. Boz said: "We came to Saudi Arabia with great interest since the day we arrived. I have been in contact with hundreds of citizens. We see that compared to American and European countries Arabs have started to transfer their capital to Turkey. ".

Boz said that they in turn expressed the advantages of investing in Turkey and showed more popular projects under construction. But he said that not every project should be trusted, especially the advantages of the project to the investor should be known.  "When you buy a house from a project, you need to learn the advantages of your surroundings and the project itself.  "

Indicating that they have been working with Arab customers since the day they were founded, Boz said that they know well what they want and what they are looking for. When choosing a project they said that they pay attention to these situations. About the meeting with Saud Prince Saif al-Islam bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, Boz said that they had a very good meeting. He said he went to good relations between the two countries. Also, they talked about our project and said they wanted to get housing from Turkey.

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