Who Will Not Give A Rent Income Statement In 2017 ?

Important critical reminder to give the rent income statement in 2017! Those who get rental income in 2016 pay attention to this information! Who will not give a rent income statement in 2017? The article was written by Hatice Kolçak in reply to that matter.

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Who Will Not Have A Rent Income Statement?

1 – Those who have earned housing rent income below TL 3,800 in 2016 will not give a declaration this year.

2 – In 2016, gross income of 30,000.-TL and below those who earn workplace rental income, this year does not need to give a rent income statement.

3 – If the rent income obtained in 2016 from the establishments where the rents are given to the taxpayers working in simple manner, the declaration will not be given if they are not 1,580 TL.

4 – Since the declaration of the rent income is given according to the collection method, no declaration will be given for the unearned rent. For example, if you have a tenant who does not pay your rent, you will not give a declaration regardless of whether you are a residence or a business. When the time will be charged then the statement must be given ..

5 – Those who allocate the property free of charge to their children, parents or siblings’ residence will not give the rent income statement. (If more than one residence has been collected for each of these residences, the comparative rent is not calculated for only one residence.)

6 – It should not be forgotten that the application of precedent rent for residents or workplaces which are still free of relatives such as auntie uncle. 5% of real estate value is applied with comparative rental price.

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