Who Will Declare The Rental Income?

How much rent income did you earn last year? On what date, how many liras did your tenant pay? In which bank did your account have been deposited? Money deposited; Is it housing rent or business rent?

All of this information is in Finance's memory. They all appear on the system. Since the vast majority of rent payments are made over banks, this information on property owners who generate rental income flows automatically to the Revenue Administration's (IOP) system. This information; The rent payment transactions that take place in 2017 all around the house are gathered in a single center.


Owners of rent income can also see this information when they reach Finance's website …

It is possible to enter the internet tax office of the finance with 'identification number' and 'state code'. (https://intvrg.gib.gov.tr/) You can see how much rent payment has been spent in your account last year when you click on "Rented Payments" tab.

Well, what does it mean that Finance keeps this information about rental income in memory? "If the rental income is not declared, it means that the finance can detect it easily from the system". When the taxpayer identifies Finance by nature, in addition to the tax of the rental income, it will be a tax penalty. In addition, taxpayers who make use of tax exemption can pay less tax, but they will not be able to benefit from exemption.

The obligation to pay rent from the bank started in 2008. For all of the rent payments, it is obligatory to pay the property owners through bank or PTT. This requirement is started when the rent of housing is over 500 liras per month. From July 1, 2017, it became mandatory to make payments from the bank or the PTT regardless of whether they were "weekly, daily or similar" short-term housing leases ".

The issue is sensitive to millions of property owners … The rental period for rental income started in 2017 … And the end of the month (deadline March 26) is over.

Which property owners are going to file a declaration?

In 2017, those who obtain housing rents up to 3,900 liras during the year will not give a declaration. So they will not pay taxes either. Those who have housing rental income above 3,900 liras will file a tax return in March (1-26 March 2018). (GVK, Art.21)

Is the rate change in going away valid for this year?

During the past December; a tax amendment was made to the rent income tax account. The cost of damages that property owners can deduct directly and without tax from rental income has been reduced from 25 percent to 15 percent …

And it went on to apply immediately, for rent incomes in 2017, 15 percent lump sum can be applied instead of 25 percent in the bona fide offers this month.

Many proprietors who prefer to go to the expense will now prefer the 'real expense' method without any limit, 'bringing the extra stationary load' and documenting the costs they are doing. Therefore, in the tax calculation, 15 per cent of the accrued actual expenses will be deducted from their income instead of expenses.


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