Who is Exempted From Real Estate Tax?

Real estate owners, such as land, buildings and apartments, are exempted from two equal installments during certain periods of the year in accordance with the Real Estate Tax Act. The payment period for real estate tax paid in cash or in two equal installments every year is March, April and May. If payment by installments is done, the second installment must be paid at the end of November.


Who will be exempted from real estate tax in 2018?

In order to be able to benefit from the exemption, the conditions of the house owner are to be a housewife, close to martyr, veterans, widows, unemployed or retired.

You may be exempted from the estate tax if your house is as small as 200 square meters. However, gross area account is left out of the dwelling; Areas such as shelter, underground parking, stairwell and hall are included. However, if you are under 200 meters, you will be exempted from the estate tax.

If you are using the right of usufruct in the courtroom; ie if you have a restricted use in another apartment, this square meter is reflected in the total gross square meter of the house. If you are still under 200 square meters, you will be exempted from the real estate tax.

Being a cottage host, you have to pay income tax. However, if you have proven that you live in this summer and winter, you will be exempt from the estate tax. If you prove that you are not a taxpayer from the SGK, you will be exempted from the estate tax.

The exemption from taxpayers arising from the burning, collapsing, completely unusable condition of the buildings starts with the period of the first real estate tax that follows the date when these events took place. As long as the condition of the building continues, it continues.

The tax on the newly built buildings can not be less than the tax on the arsenal; however, according to the Law on Property Tax, temporary exemption shall be provided for 5 years starting from the budget year following the year in which the construction of the apartments or apartment buildings is ended.

One of the exceptional cases where you do not have to file a petition is that the home property tax that you buy in that year is paid by the old owner of the house. Your property tax liability starts next year.

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