When Is The Last Day On The Housing Credit?

20 year mortgage loan, which was brought to the agenda in the context of mobilization in the residence, attracted those who want to be a host. In Ankara, Istanbul and Bursa, the campaign started without losing time and the way to become a residence owner with a term of 240 months is being opened. Here are the interest rates in the campaign:


Campaign to take home with the retirement of 20 percent to 5 percent of the retirement, Turkey for the first time 240 months, 20 year term of sale in front of the house opened. The campaign, which was met with great interest by the buyer of the house, sold 750 houses in the first 5 days and got a turnover of 605 million pounds. The campaign, which includes 15,000 independent sections in 30 projects, offers the opportunity to become a homeowner with 0.60 per month in 60 months, 0.45 per cent in 120 months and 0.79 per cent in 240 months. The campaign ends on March 31st. At the end of the campaign, which will last for 2 months, 2.5 billion sales are projected from Real Estate Housing Projects. Real Estate Housing REIT, after the initiative of July 15 coup, to revive the economy and revive the market to revive the 20 percent down payment, 120 months maturity, 0.70 percent interest rate campaign with great interest.

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