What Should Be Considered When Making A Real Estate Investment?


According to the statistics issued for the month of February Turkey Statistical Institute housing sales, housing sales that occurred in the month of February according to the month of January, 16% showed an increase. These statistics are primarily of real estate investment is preferred as an investment that saves all the time proves that.

Gold, foreign exchange and bank interest rates do not bring much profit according the real estate investments, because nowadays real estate prices continue to rise rapidly.

Investment in housing, as well as land, shop and office within the scope of investments in real estate investments. The right decisions, given the investment is made when they are always rewarding. There are many points to consider when investing in real estate to avoid damage.


While primarily investing in real estate, whether it is a mortgage or lien on the deed it needs to be checked. If the project is unfinished, the construction company needs to be very well researched. Then, of transportation facilities stands out. The real property is supposed to be in an area easily accessible by public transportation. If you purchased residential real estate, just the house is located in the direction where it’s not whether one needs to look at the surrounding buildings blocking the sun.


A price in the region needs to do research. Also auto parking, a children’s playground, heating the shape of the insulation of the building also becomes important at this point. Made according to Earthquake Regulations, new buildings makes profit every time. Old buildings can set off major repairs and maintenance issues over time

Apart from that, to invest into the land, the zoning status of the land and the proximity of the road, is important. The shop need to pay attention to the location of the shop to make the right investment.

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