What is the title deed fees? Who will be charged?

One of the questions asked by the people who buy and sell house is the title deed fees. This article prepared by Hangikredi.com, describes the details of the title deed fees…

What is the title deed fee?

Title deed fee is the title deed service charge collected from the citizen during the real property purchase and sale transactions. Title deeds transaction cannot be carried out if the title deed fee is not paid. In order to carry out title deed transaction, an appointment must be made from the land office and the title deed fee must be paid before the appointment time.


Who pays for title deed fees?

The title deed fees are charged from both the buyer and the seller. In some cases, however, the parties may reach an agreement between themselves on this issue. If you have a plan to buy a house, it would be useful to add the title deed fee to your expenses.

How much is the rate of the title deed fee?

The rate of the title deed fee can be changed periodically. Recently, with the decision of the Council of Ministers, the rate of title deed fees, which is reduced to 5 per thousand for a while, has returned again to its previous level of 20 per thousand, in other saying, % 2. To give an example; If you want to buy a house worth 300 thousand TL, you will pay 6 thousand TL title deed.

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