What Is Real Estate Certificate?

Real Estate Certificate is very important for many people who are interested in Real Estate Sector and Investments. This certificate is one of the excited developments in the sector. The Real Estate Certificate was added to the Construction Sector Investment Instruments last week. This is the most curious investment instrument in recent times for the investors. The real estate investors are very interested in real estate certificate and there is an explanation for the first certificate application!

Real Estate Certificate In Istanbul Basaksehir Project


The very big project; Park Mavera 3 in İstanbul is the first real estate project that real estate certificate will be applied. This project is guaranteed by TOKİ. The first meeting related to the Real Estate Certificate sells was held on March 29-30-31. The demands were taken by pre-demand. These demands will provide an opportunity to become an investment partner for Park Mavera 3 with only 42.50 TL! The investors can buy real estate certificates as much as their money. The purchasing transaction can be made from the branches through the Foundation Participation and from the online banking.Real estate property

No Limit to Invest!

The real estate certificates are sold for only one project but many firms begin to work for selling real estate certificate. The real estate certificates provide opportunities to purchase a real estate and making investment. There is no limit for investment; you can make investments in Turkey or foreign countries through the Foundation Participation Bank.

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