What is Meant By 50 Percent Limit On Real Estate Tax?

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, announced an important change in the description of real estate tax.


Prime Minister Yıldırım stated: "Some municipalities have increased the tax value of the properties astronomically, 3 thousand percent, and there is no such thing in the country, this citizen is persecuting. We are imposing a restriction on this. . What is meant by the 50 percent in the value of the Real Estate tax?

For the limit to be given to the real estate tax, the property tax value will be the basis. 50% of the previous property tax value will not be passed. The statutory ceiling will be the basis when the municipality is calculating the property tax, even if it is specified extra. The 50% limit will apply to the property tax value.


For example; The price of the square meters in 2017 is 1,500 liras. The property tax value for 2018 will not exceed 50 per cent of 1,500 liras. In this case the new value will be a maximum of 2.250 liras. If the municipal commission determines the value of the municipal commission more than 2,250 liras according to the arrangement to be designed by the bag design, for example, if it determines 10 thousand liras, it is not the 10 thousand liras determined by the commission on the account of the real estate tax to be paid in 2018, ie an increase of the 50 percent will be applied.

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