We Will Format The Construction Sector!

The Association of Real EstateInvestment Partnership (GYODER), one of the associations that guide the construction sector, works for sector competitiveness. 

According to Levent Gökmen Demircier from Ekonomist Magazine, the real estate sector is having a hard time due to the fact that many of the projects developed in the same segment compete with each other and the interest rates on the loans are high. War environment in Turkey's foreign sales to reasons such as terrorist incidents were also stagnant. This year, the same amount as last year, 1.5 million units of housing sales aimed at covering the sector, urban transformation and foreign sales to be done in the new regulations are waiting.


1-) What is needed to get rid of the stagnant period in the real estate sector?

The increase in the number of projects produced is pushing the housing sector to raise interest rates. The product range can be varied. Different concepts like student houses and old houses should be done in our country. We see the first examples of this, it will increase even more in the coming period.

2-) What kind of work do you do as a gyoder for the development of the sector?

As GYODER, we are organizing the Real Estate Summit, which is the first and only in the sector since 2000. We determine the vision of this summit industry, which has become one of the most important platforms bringing together the real estate industry. We will talk about Real Estate 4.0 at the 9th GYODER Real Estate Summit on April 17 this year and we will take the format of the sector. Turkey, which compete with the world of real estate sector, we plan to be positioned in a way leading in some places. 

3-) Is there any improvement in the new regulations, including the urban transformation and foreigner sales that the sector is excited about?

A package of 15 items was prepared to open up the sector. It is expected to be issued with the Decree Law (KHK) like May. This pakette will be regulated in many ways, from urban transformation to foreign sales. These regulations are important for accelerating urban transformation.

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