We Do Not Give Up And Buy Housing

Investigations in Turkey show, especially in the last period of political problems, that the investments continue unabated. In addition to being Istanbul is Turkey’s greatest city; it also has the largest population and has become the focus of residential investment. Istanbul is under the influence of urban renewal with support packages that the local projects and the government have made recently. The change of as a whole and the emergence of new buildings open up a new chapter in housing investments.


Investigations on consumer investment trends show that housing investment has increased significantly in recent years. In other words, Turkey also features a large housing production and sale in Istanbul. When we look at this aspect, we see that affordable prices have come to the forefront in housing investment. The statistical data formed by those who want to buy a home with investment or residence purpose show that the market that is formed is much bigger than the one who does not give up building houses and buying houses.

Again, statistics show that those who want to buy affordable housing primarily consider the distance from the home to the important points of the city, the distance to the public transport and the social amenities that the home is located in. In other words, those who want to buy housing primarily examine these main topics in the projects. Istanbul looks like a full open site in recent years. Uninterrupted housing building continues in all parts of the city.

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