Waterproofing Regulations To Be Made!

The regulations requiring compulsory waterproofing were published in the Official Gazette. According to the regulation that will be in force from 1 June 2018, waterproofing will be required for projects prepared for new buildings.


In addition, it will be necessary to have water insulation in water-affected hospitals, schools, residences, public buildings and buildings with a height of 51 meters.

With the regulation, water insulation should be made in the basement, floor and basement walls, roofs, balconies and wet spaces of the new buildings to be in contact with the soil

Water insulation details to be applied in the building sections, drainage systems and materials to be used will be displayed in architectural and installation projects according to the relevant standards, stating the relevant standards.

The waterproofing details associated with the supporting elements such as foundation, base surfaces, dilatation, etc. will also be indicated in the static project.


Waterproofing materials included in the project details and foreseen to be used; it will have to meet the minimum performance characteristics defined in the relevant national code of practice, technical specifications, and this Regulation. The thickness and / or consumption information provided by these performance features will have to be shown in the project details.

If the prepared projects do not comply with the requirements stipulated in the regulation in terms of water protection, the building license will not be granted.

The drainage system installed on the roof and balcony surfaces in order to prevent accumulation and removal of water from the building will be designed taking into account such factors as the purpose and size of the roof and the amount of rainfall. The rainwater will have to be removed from the exterior wall of the building from the shortest distance before it gets into the building.


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