Water Isolation is Important for Having Buildings with Long Lives

Water isolation can be basicly explained as the floor insulation that protects the structural properties of buildings. In Turkey, The Ministry of Environment and Urban made the water isolation as a must feature for constructed buildings within the aggrement of Planned Areas Development Regulation. For not having any risk for carrier systems of building that can come from floor water, the water isolation of newly constructed buildings will be audited time to time. 

"Regulation on Water Insulation in Buildings" was published in official newspaper. This regulation was prepared by The Ministry of Environment and Urban with the supports coming from İZODER (Association of Heat, Water, Sound and Fire Insulators). 


New season in buildings

This regulations will give strenght, quality and power to the buildings and that will change the destiny of buildings in a good way. If there are somethings missing in new buildings in accordance to the new regulations, the buildings will be forbidden to use until completing all missing parts. 

The researchs showed that earthquakes are one of the biggest reason of demolution of buildings. They make serious corrosions on columns and beams which make the building less powerful to carry the whole weight. Thus, it is very important for the buildings to have water isolation projects, water isolation materials and applications of water isolation.  

It is a serious problem

The detailed searchs in August 17th 1999 earthquake indicated that the 64 percent of damaged buildings (55 tausand 651 building) over 79 percent had corrosion. This showed the importance of water isolation once again. The buildings first should be water isolated in order to be protected against corrosions. Today there is still 15 milion of residences have no water isolation. 

By doing water isolation in new buildings, the buildings can survive 80-100 years instead of 30 years. 

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