Village Life in Istanbul

Sile is very close to İstanbul; one side to the Black Sea and one side to the forests. This place is like a nature paradise. Sile is the one of the biggest region of İstanbul with its natural beaches that is miles long, streams and forests. The house prices in Sile are still quite appropriate compare to the other quarters in İstanbul. People who want to live village life and also arrive to their work in 30 minutes in İstanbul prefer Sile. Sile is expected to be the one of the most attractive place for the domestic and foreign investors in the near future.


Sile is an Attractive Place for the Investments

For the real estate investments; Sile is an attractive place by its proximity to Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, by the opportunity for the direct transportation to the 3rd airport through the north highway, by the opening the 3rd bridge and connection ways. People will go to Ağva in 15 minutes through the new way. Many investments are being made in the region; for the hospitals, universities, marina etc. The next period, Sile will be more attractive with these advantageous features.


New Projects in Sile

New real estate projects in Sile are continuing rapidly. Especially there are projects which bring the properties of natural life to the forefront. A simple and comfortable living is emphasized in the projects. The Sile projects promises a life with nature not away from the city. Wooden walkways connecting the houses strengthen the natural living concepts of the projects.

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