Urban Transformation Of Military Fields

National Defense Minister Fikri Işık, after the coup attempt to give information about the decision taken military territory to move out of the city. He said that they had internalized three principles in the evaluation of military land and said that their priorities were the necessity of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). Recalling that the cost of moving military land is also a cost, Işık said, “We will lift the giant facilities from one place to another and the cost of transporting infrastructures.”




It will be assessed for military needs for urban transformation. The green areas remaining in the city will be absolutely protected, not all of the green areas will be covered by the urban transformation needs. It will act in a formulated, understanding manner that will balance.


Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism jointly work towards the situation of military land. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, especially the big cities, the military residence in the urban transformation is being investigated. The Ministry of National Defense will determine the place to move. The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning will plan for those who do not have the green space of these lands for urban transformation. The Ministry of Finance will also allocate new Treasury locations outside the city for military installations. Facilities such as the military service station will remain in the city, while tank bases, arsenal and shooting areas will be transported.

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