‘Urban Transformation İs A Great Opportunity For Green Neighborhoods!’

Altensis Board Member and founding partner Emre Ilıcalı, a green building and sustainability consultancy, said that sustainable urban transformation should be possible, "Green buildings are becoming widespread. In other words, starting from the planning stage, using the resources in the whole process in a sensitive and efficient way, environmentally friendly and collective, the buildings are built with materials that will not harm human health. It's not just a building, it's also possible to make green spaces. Urban transformation offers opportunity for this. "



When it comes to environment and sustainability, green buildings are one of the indispensable conditions. Green buildings are designed on the basis of a range of criteria from site selection to use of resources such as renewable energy and water. And one of the rising trends in housing in recent years is living in green buildings. Because living in green buildings provides both energy and economic savings. Ilıcalı stated that any residential project should have a nature friendly certificate in order to be placed in the green building category, "These are the most important certificates in the real estate sector. In order to get these, you have made applications for efficiency, comfort and quality. It consumes less energy in its operation. Now, most of the global companies have a policy of preferring these buildings. In many projects, they want office buildings in particular. Green buildings can save 20% on electricity and water use, with changing from building to building. Consulting firms like us, by looking at many criticisms in the buildings, will make a building more efficient and choose appropriate applications for the structure of the districts and buildings. "


Green building certifications cover a wide range of criteria, ranging from building insulation to carbon dioxide emissions and proximity to public transportation. Explaining that it is possible to make a neighborhood green, Ilicalı said, "There are even regions where we are trying to make a complex green area under urban transformation. In green buildings and settlement systems, there are categories according to buildings, offices and settlements. When planning a settlement, there are also criteria for the building. Among the topics highlighted here are increasing green areas, alternative applications such as rainwater and gray water, exploitation of renewable energy systems, designing and increasing the energy efficiency of the system selection, and increasing the indoor air quality.  "

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