Two New Subway Lines Arrive in Istanbul

Contracts for the new Cekmekoy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli and Sarıgazi-Tasdelen-Yenidogan Metro lines were signed. Lines will serve in 2020.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality President Kadir Topbas explained that they were happy to sign the contract of two new subway lines which are very important for transportation of Istanbul. Also he keeps his words with this sayings: "We are together to sign the contract of our subway line which is very important for Istanbul and will provide new contribution in transportation. I believe that it will be put into service in the year 2020 so that our people can easily access from one end of Istanbul to the other.


Cekmekoy – Sancaktepe – Sultanbeyli Metro Line, Through 9 Stations

The 10.9 km Cekmekoy – Sancaktepe – Sultanbeyli Subway line begins with the tail tunnel end of Üsküdar – Ümraniye – Cekmekoy Metro Line, which is under construction, with the order of Meclis Mahallesi and Sarıgazi (integration station) and City Hospital and Abdurrahmangazi with Samandıra, Veysel Karani and the last one Hasanpasa and Sultanbeyli Stations, Sultanbeyli will finish at the end of the tail tunnel on the side of TEM road.

Hastane – Sarıgazi – Cekmekoy Tasdelen – Yenidogan Metro Line, Through 6 Stations

The new subway line which is 6,95 km is between Hastane station through Yenidogan station.

Hastane – Sarıgazi – Cekmekoy Tasdelen – Yenidogan metro line is passing some stations before Hastane station too. These stations are Sarıgazi – Aydınlar – Güngoren and Tasdelen stations. At the end the line is ending on the Yenidogan stations which is next to tail tunnel.

New subway lines comes to Istanbul. It is going to fix the traffic problems which is a big issue in Istanbul. A metro line is needed to go everywhere for easier and faster transportation. With the new subway station lines, Istanbul will be able to provide faster access. And make you do not suffer from traffic problems.

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