“Turkish People Eat Dry Bread, Onions And Pay The House Debt”

Nazmi Durbakayım, Chairman of Teknik Yapi, who attended the Real Estate Summit organized by the Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Company this year, said that event is very useful and that real estate is very important for Turkish people. Durbakayım said, "The Turkish people eat dry bread, onions and pay the house debt, the title is very important for the citizens."

"We Would Like To Be A Upgrade In Land Prices"

Durbakayım stated that the public share is not paid for the development of the land, the project is developed in the land without natural sites and that the project has the own value-added project while it is being developed. Durbakayım said, "We want the upper limit to be determined and not rise. Because there was a figure we had in İzmir project that we did together with Halk REIT, the value of the land has risen before we started the project."

"If There Are Projects That Are Appealing To Foreign People, Sales Increase Incrementally"

durbakayım who is stating that foreign peoples have a number of requests to buy home, said that "when foreign investors take property in turkey, they have some conditions like that if the house can see the sea to making the home front has received a house or getting the apartment from the 17th floor is a certain level outage to ease the domestic like to stroke it 14. if there are projects that are appealing to foreign people, sales increase incrementally."

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