Turkish Airlines Plans To Move To The New Airport Were Clear

Accordingly, within 18 hours, the equipment will be transported by land with 600 trucks. Bilal Ekşi, General Manager of Turkish Airlines, announced for the first time how the flag carrier would move to the new address of the carrier. Bilal Ekşi shared the details of THY's relocation operations, detailing the operations to be performed on land and air before and after the move. Turkish Ground Services (TGS), which provided ground services to Turkish Airlines and Turkish Airlines for an 18-hour period, announced that a total of around 600 ferries will be moved to the new airport. Bilal Ekşi, "We will not be moving on the first day, we will be there on the first day, we will carry our passengers without any kind of victim, our contractors continue to work for our first day's buildings, our line maintenance has reached 40 percent. we have got a consultation from abroad which is related to the relocation of the company.Friends are gathering every week.

At the first 18 hours, together with the TGS company serving us, nearly 600 trucks, including us, will carry the material there. a huge operation, but all the work was done, "he said. "The ceremony will take place on October 29 and the operation will continue at Ataturk Airport (AHL), and the operation will continue at Ataturk Airport after one day, ie on October 30. Other carriers outside THY Ataturk Airport and the new airport will be shut down for all 18 hours in total, so that the commercial trips will take place in Ataturk Airport and the new airport will be moved to the new airport.All the planes and materials will be taken but we will continue the operation one day in AHL. Both flights are being closed, and at that stage, approximately 120 flights will be transferred from Ataturk Airport to the new airport, according to the study."


Flight Capacity Will Be Downloaded

Turkish Airlines General Manager Bilal Ekşi stated that the flights will be reduced by 50 percent in the last 24 hours as part of measures to be taken in order to avoid operational problems during the transportation phase of the airport. "We will do our last flights from AHL, some of our planes will go abroad on a journey. When we opened the airport, we were already there, and our other planes will start to arrive in accordance with the opening schedule, and some of them will come without a passenger, so we will make a passenger victimization, We will send some of our equipment to the other part because we do not send all the equipment in 18 hours, so we send some of them in front. "

Increasing As Level Of Stages

"We are going to do 10 times in the first two hours so we do not have any passengers victimization because we are getting used to the terminal and it is a sudden intensity and we are going to increase it to 30 percent. We increase it to 50 percent by the end of the day, we increase it to 75 percent on the second day, and we are going to make 100 percent of our tariff on the third day. " At the last days, it was explained how Atatürk Airport will be moved. It is stated that the moving process will be started as of October 30 at 03:00 and the moving process will be completed at 31.55 o'clock at 23:55.

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