Strategic Development Department at the General Directorate of Registry and Cadastrate has published statistical report regarding to property sales in Turkey for 2019. According to this report, property sales hit a record of 1.099.430 properties nation wide. This figure has proven again that Turkish real estate investment is the best investment sector ever with a soaring position worldwide. Another great advantage of buying property in Turkey is that it is possible to get Turkish citizenship through investing in real estate.

The report contained surge information about Consumer Confidence Index which is a genuine indicator about Turkish economy. In July 2019, it is measured as 55.2 points whereas in August, it is measured as 58.3 points with 3.1 points of rise in just one month. In addition to that statistic, Construction Sector Confidence Index has hit 55.5 points in August 2019 with a rise of 3.1 points, being compared to July 2019 in which that figure was 52.4 points.

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