Turkey Has Attracted 12.3 Billion Dollars Of İnternational İnvestment

Arda Ermut, who is the head of Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey and head of World Investment Agencies Association, said that he evaluated the decline in international direct investment withdrawals of developed and emerging economies according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in the World Investment report. Mr. Ermut said that “Turkey, despite all the negativity in 2016, attracted 12.3 billion dollars of international direct investment. There was an increase of 55 percent in direct investment from scratch, which contributed to economic development, employment and serious contributions to our industry.” Ermut emphasized that Turkey is an important investment country for international direct investors with its young and growing population, its dynamic economy growing with strong resistance and its strategic position providing tremendous accessibility to regional markets. In addition to the many advantages that Turkey has, it has also drawn attention to the care for direct investments by political will. He added, "The reforms which are made for this purpose make Turkey more attractive and increase the confidence of international investors in Turkey."


Turkey İs The Most Active Country İn Promoting İnvestments

According to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development data, international direct investment in the whole world last year was 2 percent lower than the previous year and amounted to $ 1.75 trillion.


Likewise, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development report stated that Turkey is the most active country in signing 7 international investment agreements in the area of ​​mutual encouragement and protection of investments.

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In this context, Canada, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, each of one, signed four international investment agreements, while Iran and Nigeria signed, each of one, three international investment agreements.

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