Turkey Finans Expertise And Oyak Investments Expertise Associated With Each Other

Some explanations are declared about this issue through the media.

Turkey Finans and Oyak Investment have begun to get collaboration with each other. Turkey Finans, transmitting customer offers to Stock Market of Istanbul by means of Oyak Investments, would enable the customers to carry out many more investments.

Turkey Finans Bank is known as innovative and specialized in the branch of Participation Banking. On the other hand, Oyak Investment is also specialized in Capital Market. That’s to say, these both specialized branches would start to work with each other. Thus, this collaboration would be able to introduce numerous brilliant and new products. Besides, the number of funds would increase through appropriate investment instruments.


Moreover, this collaboration would provide with new products to develop and there would be strong synergism between two important institutes. The process such as certificate of renting, stock certificates, and the fund of investments would be generated through Oyak Investment by Turkey Finans Customers. Besides, this collaboration will enable to constitute active products and marketing strategies.

Wael Raies, General Manager of Turkey Finans, explains that the principles of working are both for development of customers’ numbers and for the production of wealth for economy of Turkey. Furthermore, he added that this collaboration would be beneficial for the customers’ satisfaction accompanied by technological devices, which enables the customers to benefit from.

Emrah Silav, General Manager of Oyak Investment, emphasizes that secret of success depends upon  not only reach to the customers but also reach to level of quality. Besides, he utters that these two institutions collaborate with each other by the creation of synergism.

In short, this collaboration would provide with positive results for customers and economy in Turkey. It would be enough to apply to related sections by making new contracts.

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