Torba Law Is In The Action!

Law No. 7103 on the Public known as the "bag (torba) law" and the Law on the Amendment of Certain Laws and Decrees on Decree Laws were published in duplicate in the Official Gazette.

The diplomatic passports given to the former ministers and members of parliament by the law within the scope of the Anatolian Agency are also valid after the end of the mentioned duties.

Nursery and day care services, which are part of the wages given to employers for preschool children, were excluded from the tax.

The use of roofs or facades of residential buildings for electricity generation based on renewable energy sources will be encouraged. In this way, those who sell excess of the generated electricity to the supply company were included in the tax exempt trades.


– Dowry account and housing support

The state contribution rate in the dowry account was increased from 20 percent to 25 percent, and the maximum contribution was increased from 5 thousand liras to 7,500 liras. If they do not own a home, they will be supported in the case of first and only housing. To make the housing account system more efficient, the government contribution of 20 percent will increase to 25 percent. Government contribution payment will not exceed the maximum of 20 thousand liras. The Council of Ministers will be authorized to increase this amount up to three times.

– Encouraging employment and regulating withdrawal to PPS

According to the law, incentives for income tax withholding, stamp tax and social security premiums will be provided for private sector employers providing additional employment due to the insured employed until the end of 2020 (from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020) for 12 months. In the work places operating in the manufacturing and information sector, social security premium support will be provided at a higher rate for additional jobs.

By law, employees of the Council of Ministers, who are automatically included in an individual retirement plan through their employers, were granted the right to triple their right to withdraw from the contract within two months.

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