TOKİ’s Retirement Benefits For March

TOKI continues to build private housing for retired people, including their wife, them and their children. According to the advertisements updated every day, house sales are made in various illusions of residence with installments starting from 250-300 TL. Monthly household income, including pensions, must not exceed 3,200 liras for housing that can be borrowed with a 10 percent advance of 240 months (20 years). The income condition is applied as 3 thousand 700 TL in İstanbul.


60-70 Thousand Lİras

TOKI's houses, which are advertised on sales of many tiles, fall to 60-70 thousand TL instead.  It is necessary to apply to the public banks authorized by TOKI, namely Halkbank and Ziraat Bank, for the apartments offered for sale. 10 percent of the price of the housing for the down payment.

I Have A Resident Warrant

Retirees who want to buy apartments can apply to the relevant bank or TOKI branches in March. To be able to apply TOKI's housing, first of all, it will not be a registered housing for the retiree himself, his spouses and children under his custody. Secondly, it is required that TOKI has not bought housing or used housing loans before. There is a residence condition for at least 1 year in the province / district where the house will be taken.

Before You Apply Attention!

– The applications will be made to Halkbank or Ziraat Bank where the residence is located.

– Real Estate Sales Contract will be signed when the application is made.

– When the signing of the agreement is taken, at least 10% of the apartment price is taken down.

– Monthly installments will be increased every year in January and July by twice the salary increase of civil servants.

– They have the right to withdraw without paying penalty within 14 days.

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