TOKI Made a Huge Investment to Transformation Projects

A reporter from Habertürk Mimar Esin Tümer reviewed the projects that TOKI hold about urban transformations. Tümer's reviews main topic was" Intelligent Cities and Buildings Based on Urban Strategy" project which was held on 5th National Urban Transformation Congress recently. In this congress lots of topics about urban palnning was discussed. One of these topics was local urban transformations and providing safety to the people with little incoming to live. One of the most interesting topic was the possibility of Anatolian cities urban transformation and their chance and success among metropolian cities. This success was achieved thanks to TOKI.


17 Bilion Lira of Investment from TOKI

M.Ergün Turan who is the manager of TOKI had given a statement about active projects of TOKı. According to his statement, TOKI is quite active to pursue urban planning projects. Within 10 years there has been 233 urban transformation project for 286.500 houses and 70.000 of houses has already done. The total investment for these projects was 17 bilion Lira. Turan said that the renewed areas are quite usefull for people's social and cultural lifes. 

The projects are not only for demoluting the buildings and contructing new ones but also they include making a new and useful environment for everyone. Turan indicates that the trasnformations should bring extra value to cities. One of the example fr that kind of urban transformation was done in Uşak. 

One of the good example for on – site urban transformation

One of the biggest TOKI project was achieved in Uşak as the name of "Tabakhane On-Site Urban Transformation". The project was supported by citizens. Industrial areas of city were transformed to a better place to live. Several primary schools, a mosque, free-time activity areas, autopark, administration building, lots of business store and houses were constructed. All deliveries were done to the owners. 

A project which meets with the needs

The TOKI project that done in Uşak is a whole of success example. Turan said that they have builded a place for people live in by meeting every needs of them.


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