Toki Made 3.416 Houses During June

As it is known Toki is one of the biggest public enterprise which is ruled by the prime minister Office of the Turkish Republic. The company was established in 1984 and at that year the former of the company was two different establishment then they transfer the company to the prime minister Office. Nowadays Toki serve as a company that make houses around Turkey and sell them in a very low prices. Actually they do not sell it in a low price but half of the general prices is paid by the government soy es you pay a low prices and you finally get a house.


You do not pay the prices in total you pay the prices of the house during months it is like you pay rent. Thanks to this way of payment it does not affect you that much. Not everyone can have a house from this project because the main aim of the project is to make the people with lower wage an owner so everyone can try their chance but the people that will have the opportunity are choosen very carefully by taking their financial statues into consideration.


Projects of Toki

Every year and several times in a year Toki start doing new projects around Turkey and make millions of people owner.


It is a really good project because nowadays especially in big cities such as İstanbul the prices of the houses is so high that it is like impossible to be an owner this project make the dreams come true.


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