TOKI Istanbul 2018 Projects Application Deadlines

TOKİ applies many different projects for Istanbul just as it is common in our country. As a public entity, TOKI has set itself the goal of offering affordable housing for non-homeowners. There are many different types of projects, mainly middle and lower cuts. It offers special options for non-homeowners with projects built almost 81 floors. approximately more than thirty provinces in Turkey is planned sale of 40 thousand houses. For the year 2018, TOKI has Ankara front plan. There are thousands of houses built by TOKI for Ankara. After Ankara, Gaziantep comes in number. Gaziantep is followed by Istanbul. Approximately 2 thousand 690 apartments are expected to be sold by TOKI from 2018 ongoing projects in Istanbul. Work on these apartments continues. TOKİ Istanbul apartments can be sold to the applicants with the announcements that can be sold. TOKI Istanbul 2018 Projects TOKİ continues to provide services with its seven projects for 2018 in Istanbul plans.

One of these projects is 448 houses in five island parcels located in Başakşehir Kayabaşı. This project, which is in construction phase, seems close to completion. TOKI has made the necessary declarations for this project. The deadline for submission of this ad is June 29, 2018. The apartments in these projects for the initial installment of 2 thousand 930 TL is foreseen.


TOKİ Üsküdar Project

One of the ongoing projects for 2018 is being built in Uskudar. The ongoing project of Üsküdar as an urban transformation and development project is close to the completion phase. In this project, there are 173 houses and 8 shops. There are no announcements about these studies conducted in four large neighborhoods in Üsküdar.

TOKİ Tuzla Project

Another ongoing project is in Orhanlı Quarter of Tuzla District. The project which is carried out in the Orhanlı Quarter and which is in the last stages is the urban transformation and development project. There are 232 apartments in this project. There are no announcements related to this project.

TOKI Istanbul Beyoğlu Project

One of the big projects is being carried out in Beyoglu district of Istanbul. This project continues as a project for housing and social facilities. This project, which has just started, has 397 houses, 20 shops and other facilities. It has not been specified when this project will come to the announcement stage.

TOKI Gaziosmanpaşa Project

Another project among the urban transformation projects is carried out in Gaziosmanpaşa province. The project, carried out within the neighborhoods of Sarıgöl and Yenidoğan in Gaziosmanpaşa district, has 796 houses and 13 shops. This project is still in its infancy.

TOKİ Başakşehir Project

Another project in Başakşehir is a project implemented in the form of an administration housing. This project includes 399 apartments and 33 shops. This project is seen in its initial phase.

TOKI Maltepe Project

 The last project of Istanbul projects is located in Başbüyük District of Maltepe district. Construction of 305 dwellings is continuing within the scope of this project. This project is also part of the urban transformation and development project. When the ongoing projects are completed, they will host a very serious population.

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