These Two Sectors Satisfy Their Investors for 5 Years

Foreign currencies which had been spoken most and monitored by investors in 2016 only made investors gain 21% profit while at the same period the ones investing `the right` instrument profited more than 50%. In Borsa Istanbul 7 sectors indexes included to share market, including sports clubs and metal key industry, had their investors gain more profit than foreign currencies.


According to the data gathered from Borsa Istanbul, the most profitable sector index in 2016 was sports clubs with 57,80. Metal key industry follows with 52,37% and Financial Leasing and Factoring followed with 48,60%. 4 value losing indexes were in order, 29,52% transportation, 7,16% food-beverage, 5,31% commerce, 1,95% communication.




In the same period 18 sectors completed the year with incline including holding and investment, construction and stone – earth indexes while 4 sector indexes declined.


In 2016 BIST 100 index brought 8,94% income. While 12 of calculated sector indexes brought more profit than BIST 100, 10 sectors indexes with high liquidity and publicity rate performed worse than BIST 100.


Among the sector indexes metal furniture machinery industry and insurance indexes inclined for 5 years in a row, real estate, informatics and chemistry inclined for 3 years in row, and transportation and food-beverage indexes have been declined for 2 years in a row.


Banking stakes which is considered as the locomotive of share markets in Borsa Istanbul, only brought 8,03% income in 2016. While the most profitable firm in banking sector was Denizbank with 161%, Akbank followed it with 18,97%. The most disprofitable firms in 2016 were Sekerbank with 29,76% loss and Finansbank with 10,82%.

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