There Is A Plot Of Land For 23 Thousand Houses On The Channel Istanbul Route!

There Is A Plot Of Land For 23 Thousand Houses On The Channel Istanbul Route!

The official route for the channel Istanbul became clear, the eyes turned to the real estate sector.  It is emphasized that the announced Küçükçekmece-Sazlıdere-Durusu route is not a surprise and that investors have made purchases to date. But the expectation in the housing market is different. Because sales are going on in projects adjacent to Kanal Istanbul. Until today, the possible real estate companies that are looking for a Canal Istanbul route will now see the advantage of Kanal Istanbul on a long haul. Looking at the Başakşehir, Küçükçekmece and Ispartakule lines on the canal Istanbul's route, the weight of the projects of TOKI participating Real Estate Housing REITs draw attention. The company tendered and signed 30 office projects in Kayabaşı, Hoşdere and Küçükçekmece lines with private sector cooperation. 17 of these have been completed, 12 continues to work for 1 continues. There are approximately 22 thousand houses in 30 projects.



Real Estate Housing Channel There are also important land stocks adjacent to Istanbul. The company bought 3,600,000 square meters of land in Dursunköy, neighboring the 3rd airport in 2013. As the process progresses in the channel Istanbul project, this field is planned to be evaluated. Alanda is among 15 anticipated residential passages close to 15 houses. Another residence of Emlak Konut is located in Halkalı. TOKI, who took three campuses of Marmara University, sold Halkali and Nişantaşı land to Real Estate Housing REIT. Total of 959 thousand 388 square meters, the sales price of the two rings in Halkalı'da 1 billion 822 million pounds was announced. In this area, about 8 thousand houses are planned to be built. The company announced that it will make 2 new tenders in Küçükçekmece and Hoşdere regions this year.

Real Estate Housing REIT General Manager Murat Kurumi stated that Kanal Istanbul will not only cover real estate housing projects but also the entire real estate market and Istanbul. "This project is not just a Channel Istanbul business. A satellite city is being built around the settlements, universities, social areas and metro investments. 4-5 floors will be a place where the low density dominates. " The Authority added that they had invested in Başakşehir and its environs of Real Estate Housing by seeing potential in the region long before the channel Istanbul project was announced.


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