There Are 250 Thousand Risky Houses In Istanbul

Environment and Urban Development Minister Mehmet Özhaseki, regarding the urban transformation studies in Istanbul, “Risky about 50 thousand a structure can talk about, as an independent unit, this is 250 thousand housing. All of these studies concern 1 million 200 thousand people. ”




250 Thousand Risky Houses


A meeting on urban transformation took place in Istanbul Haliç Congress Center with the participation of Environment and Urban Development Minister Mehmet Özhaseki and mayors. Speaking at the meeting, Özhaseki said that 48 areas in 19 cities of Istanbul were declared risky and that the total size of these areas was 13 million square meters. “We can talk about 50 thousand buildings at risk and 250 thousand houses as independent units. They all concern 1 million 200 thousand people. ” said.


There Are Also Risky Houses in Turkey


Minister Özhaseki reminded that no one spends over 1 billion liras as rent and expropriation aid in order not to be a victim and he pointed out that the situation in Turkey is not much different from İstanbul. Reminiscent of the “Town Planning Council” meeting in Ankara after soon, Özhaseki said that the city will be discussed in 4 main topics for 2 months.


All risky houses in the city are expected to be restructured by urban transformation before the expected big Istanbul earthquake. 250 thousand risky houses in Istanbul will be rebuilt within this scope. Moreover, the area covered by these houses is exactly 13 million square meters.

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