The Woman Chooses The House, The Man Takes The Title!

TSI According to data from the housing in Turkey is 409 453 1,409,314 sold in 2017, ie about 29% was registered in the name of women. Residents registered in the name of women are the lowest in the provinces such as Ağrı with 14.9 percent, followed by Van, Muş and Ardahan. The highest rate of registered houses in the name of women is 37.5 percent in Balikesir. Mugla, Edirne, Çanakkale, İzmir, Giresun, Aydin and Burdur were followed by Balıkesir in turn.


Mustafa Hakan Özelmacıklı, General Manager of Altın Emlak, stated that women are in the selection of immovable property and that men are dominant in the registration of title deeds. In addition to transportation and the social environment, it is very important for women to feel safe in the surroundings they will live in. For men, the residential depression and priority of the parking lot is the priorityi

Altın Emlak General Manager stated that a residence can be purchased jointly by both men and women. "The jointly purchased immovables provide advantages of income tax as well as advantages over the children of the spouse during the transfer of the inheritance. For this reason, it has recently started to be preferred.

Özelmacıklı: "Family housing is defined as the place where all living activities are performed by the spouses and it is accepted as a single dwelling where the spouses live. This unspecified owner of the property, which is designated as a family residence, may request that the title deed be annotated as a family residence. The deed registry office for processing only requests a photo, a settlement document from the population directorate, and a civil registration sample of the civilian population. There is no luck in the process. With this commentary, the spouse who is the owner can not carry out the sale or donation of the family dwelling without the consent of the spouse. If there is this commentary, there is a mortgage on the house of the spouse, sales promise, usufruct, goodwill, lease, etc. can not process. In order to be able to do this, however, it is necessary to have a non-owner's spouse's consent ".

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