The Students Was Most Delighted To Leased Fell In Istanbul

With the announcement of the results of the university, the eyes were turned into houses for rent. In Istanbul, the price of rents fell, students were happy. Results of the placement of the 2017 ÖSYS by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (OSYM) were published on the web site "https: /". The students and their families were turned into rented apartments and dormitories by explaining the results.


"We Expect to Rent 35- 40 Thousand Apartments for 100 Thousand Students"

Nizameddin Aşa, chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Realtors, stated that there is currently no vacancy in the rented apartments throughout Istanbul and that, apart from a few districts like Fatih where tourism and trade are very intense, students can find rental apartments in the locality. Every year, the universities start their activities about rented apartments in June with the intermission of education and teaching, Aşa said, "When the mobility starts, the students start to leave the house." The mobility starts in August with the announcement of the results of the placement and the number of students renting apartments, from one thousand to 250 thousand. " said.


"Rental Prices Have Fallen by 20-25 Percent in the Last Year"

Nizameddin Aşa, "In the last year, there has been a decrease of rent around 20-25% in rented houses in Istanbul, so I think that students will have not difficulty finding rented apartments in the place and the price they want this year." he said.


"Students do not prefer highly rented places"

In short, the rent for a normal apartment in Istanbul, where students can live, starts at 900 TL. These numbers can go very high, but students do not prefer high rented places. "

Aşa added that students like the rented apartments are not crowded, adding that 2 or 3 people are staying in an apartment now and that some students who are in good financial condition prefer to stay alone.


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