The Stock Exchange Istanbul reached 100 thousand points!

In Stock Exchange Istanbul, the BorsaISTanbul (BIST) 100 index has reached 100 thousand points which is the top level of history. The BorsaISTanbul 100 index in the stock exchange Istanbul increased by 0.30 percent and reached 99,742.14 points then started at its new peak.
Meanwhile the banking index increased by 0.37% and the holding index increased by 0.47%, the BorsaISTanbul 100 index increases as 300.03 points in the opening. Among sector indexes, finance leasing and factoring with 0.95 percent, food and beverage with 0.25 percent was the only decline.


The Borsa Istanbul 100 index, which had the top level of all time with 99,707.33 points after the first quarter domestic growth data came in above the domestic level, reached 99,442.11 points in the closing rate even though it was not permanent on these levels.

 Analysts said that global markets will follow a floating rate during two-day Fed meeting, while the Fed's balance sheet about the downsizing process and its explanations will be the focus of the markets.

Analysts said that the flow of data in the domestic market is stable and the inflation in the UK, the ZEW indexes in Germany and the Producer Price Index in the United States will be followed. According to these analysts said that 100 thousand have psychological resistance of 98,500 and 97,700 levels were position of supporter in the BorsaISTanbul 100 indexes.


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