The Real Estate World Has Risen In Spring Season

Turkey, experiencing an extraordinarily active period in the real estate world, offers invitations to investors all over the country with new housing projects. The construction companies that provide fairly affordable housing for sale are offering banks in the country and a great deal of services to those who want to buy a house. The Turkish construction sector, which offers loans with loan rates of up to 20 years with favorable interest rates, offers great attraction when it is dealt with in this respect. Malatya, one of the most important cities in Anatolia, has also been on the rise, with housing production continuing all over the country, especially Istanbul and Ankara.


In Malatya, the president of the Malatya Realtors Federation, Ali Özgül, who made a statement about the high demand for housing during the spring season, explained that the residential demand is extremely satisfactory and that this positive investment will affect both the city economy and the country’s economy positively in a short period of time. Especially in the northern ring road area, Ali Özgül explained that the residences produced in the region are in great demand and also stated that the land planned for the new houses to be built on the northern ring road should have a higher value. In the last 9 months, with the high housing sales potential in Malatya, the housing values and rent incomes of the city are also increasing. If you are going to buy a new residence, the right address will be Malatya.

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