The Projects Will Revive the Anatolian Side

The experienced business man Ergün Yenen talked about the real estate sector. Yenen said: “Mega projects revive the Anatolian Side of İstanbul! “ According to the Yenen’s opinion, because of the new real estate law, people will be more interested in the real estate consultancy. He also said:” The Eurassian Tunnel will not be affected from a tsunami disaster or earthquake. This tunnel can also be used as a safe haven within the some superior security features. There are some real estate products in the two areas where are near the entry and exit points of İstanbul. The Eurassian Tunnel increased the prices of these real estate products.

Kızıltoprak and Bağdat Street are Valued in İstanbul

Ergün Yenen continued to his speech and emphasizes some important issues in real estate sector. He said that the Anatolian Side have gained value as a result of the transportation projects like the Eurassian Tunnel. Especially; Kızıltoprak and Bağdat Street have the highest Premium rate in the Anatolian Side. Generally the Premium rate has been increased very fast in this area. The transportation projects always increased the real estate values. Especially Eurassian Tunnel has been very effective on this issue because this Project is called as a Mega Project. These projects valued the houses in the Anatolian Side.


Big İstanbul Tunnel Project

3 floors Big İstanbul Tunnel Project can make a mega effect on the Real Estate prices in the Anatolian Side. Ergün Yenen also talked about this Project;

We can see the highest prices for the houses in Anatolian Side through the Big İstanbul Tunnel Project.

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