The Price of Homes in Başakşehir Increases 44% in the last 5 Years

Görkem Öğüt, the founding chairman and CEO of Endeksa, said Başakşehir rapidly increases in value. Although its location is far from central working areas, Başakşehir has high potential because of trade areas around it.

Öğüt stated that Olimpiyat Stadium and some big projects like health campus are located in Başakehir. Additionally, new projects are quickly produced while Otogar – Bağcılar – Başakşehir – Olimpiyatköy metro line is opened for use. New transportation opportunities bring Başakşehir to the attractive areas class. New projects that are planned to locate in Başakşehir also widen some opportunities.


The Contribution of Kanal İstanbul

The area’s value increased when the route of Kanal İstanbul becomes clearer. That’s why, Güvercintepe, Şahintepe, Kayabaşı and Altınşehir will be areas that have most increase in value.

According to Endeksa’s data, the price of home in Başakşehir increases 44% in the last 5 years. The value of a square meter in Başakşehir becomes 3.175 TL and the price of a home is 422 thousands TL. The recycling time of home investment is 24 years.

The Contribution of Transportation Projects

Görkem Öğüt added: “The number of new projects increases in Başakşehir with Otogar – Bağcılar – Başakşehir – Olimpiyatköy metro line. Kiptaş and TOKİ dwellings especially attract a great deal of attention with new dynamics. Branded houses become prominent in the area and social equipment is considered important. When Başakşehir – Kayaşehir – Olimpiyat metro line is opened at the end of this year and Halkalı – Arnavutköy – 3. Havalimanı metro line will be used in 2019, reaching airport becomes very easy. Başakşehir has very important location because both it is easy to reach 3. Airport from there and it is very close to 3. Bridge. Because of that, there will be more increase in Başakşehir in coming periods.”


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