The Period For The Submission is Extended In Kayasehir

The project of Kayasehir Residential houses in Basaksehir has drawn numerous attentions on the primary collection of requests, which began on 20th March. In addition, 175 of all the requests have been able to be achieved to be sold. Therefore, Turyap have determined to extend the period of collection for the requests because of intense interests.

According to the explanations of Turyap, these flats in Basaksehir Residential Apartments, comprised of 504 flats, have been completely finished to construct. Thus, the people wishing to obtain all the houses to submit will be required to give some prior payments through the appliance to Turyap. The prior demand will be able to be transformed to certainty a week later. Besides, 25% of down payment will be completed in a month, and the rest of price will be paid by means of ready cash or by means of credit in three months.


Basaksehir Residential Apartments, which participate among eight chains of hospitals and botanical gardens, have been on sale so:

a) 1+1 flats accounting for 214.000 tl,

b) 2+1 ones accounting for 309.000 tl,

c) 3+1 ones accounting for 381.000 tl and

d) 4+1 ones accounting for 675.000 tl

Furthermore, İt could be easy to get reach to metro approximately 250 m. Besides, the City Park’s distance is almost 500m. Healthy Kent is about 1 km far away. Basaksehir Hospital is distant almost 5 km. The part of Basaksehir is distant 6 km from these apartments. In addition, Ataturk Airport is far 18 km from these houses.

Finally, Bilge Ozdemir, who is responsible for the sales and marketing in Turyap, expressed that the period of collection for demands have been extended by the month of March. Moreover, Ozdemir emphasized that the demands to the houses with 2+1 rooms have got much more attention, and especially workers in airport would prefer to apply for the residence in these flats.

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