The oldest Fatih, the youngest Esenyurt

According to the research titled "Average Age of Housing in Istanbul", average age of houses in Istanbul was 12 years. With an average of 26 years, the oldest houses are located in Fatih district. Fatih is followed by Adalar with 25 years, Beyoğlu with 24 years, Güngören with 21 years.

The residential areas where the youngest residents in Istanbul are Esenyurt and Sancaktepe with an average of 4 years. Average age average is 6 years in Çekmeköy, Sultanbeyli, Arnavutköy, and Tuzla, 8 years in Basaksehir, Eyüp and Ümraniye, 8 years in Beylikdüzü, Pendik and Kagithane, 9 years in Sultangazi, Küçükçekmece and Ataşehir, 10 years in Bağcılar, Gaziosmanpaşa and Çatalca, in 11 years Büyükçekmece, Sariyer, Şile, Esenler and Kartal.


Average age of districts by type of flats

When average age of different types of flats in Istanbul is examined, the highest average age of 1 + 1 houses is Fatih with 27 years. Beyoğlu with 25 years, Adalar with 24 years, Bakırköy with 21 years and Güngören with 19 years follow Fatih. The youngest 1 + 1s are in Esenyurt, Sultanbeyli, Tuzla and Sancaktepe with 3 years.

The oldest 2 + 1s are located in Fatih with 27 years, followed by Bakırköy with 25 years, Adalar with 24 years, Beyoglu with 23 years and Güngören with 22 years. The lowest average age of 2 + 1s are in Esenyurt and Sancaktepe with 4 years and in Beylikdüzü and Çekmeköy with 5 years.

Fatih, Adalar and Beyoğlu have the highest average age of 3 + 1 houses. The youngest 3 + 1 houses are located in Sancaktepe with 5 years, Esenyurt and Sultanbeyli with 6 years, Çekmeköy and Tuzla with 7 years.

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