The Number Of Foreıgn Investments Increased Fıve

The projects counts are 28 in 2006. But last year it was raised to 138, and thus the investments has raised five –fold in ten years intended for Turkey.

According to EY’s searchs

EY is an international consulting and audit company and this company has a search which is from European Investment Attractiveness 2017 Survey. This search was constituted with 505 managers in worldwide and in result of the interviews. According to this search, foreign direct investments in Turkey increased by 3 percent in 2016 to 138 percent.


While 2 thousands 971 new jobs were created for the projects in 2015, this number reached 7 thousands 179 with an increase of 142 percent last year. Thus, 4 thousand 208 new jobs were created in a year.


It is said, that Turkey is attractiveness for foreiners in everytime.

EY Turkey Corporate Finance Head of Department Müşfik Cantekinler, said that new jobs creating were enough and rather high. And Müşfik Cantekinler has added that this investments and he wants that these investments will be continuing were so important and valuable for the new jobs creating.


EY Turkey Corporate Finance Head of Department Müşfik Cantekinler, said that he expect to that these investments will be go on and he has added these sentences: “Turkey's young population, consumption habits, entrepreneurship culture and geographical position are remarkable for foreign investors in every period. Foreign investment will continue to increase if these factors are supported by economic growth and proper investment policies. ”

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