The New Real Estate Law Will Secure The İnvestor!

The new real estate law will secure the investor. Realty Co. World President Fatih Elibol stated that foreign sales will increase by 30 percent.

According to Jabir Tuğrut newspaper's news from Turkey, one of the biggest problems experienced in residential sales to foreigners in Turkey, "they misled investors in terms of both price and location ". In the past, Esenyurt was labeled as "Istanbul Bosphorus" and the strangers suffered from high-priced sales. In this regard, action was taken on the complaints stemming from the industry in particular and a start was given to increase foreign sales again. The "Draft Regulation on Immovable Trade", also referred to as the real estate law, was welcomed in the sector. Now, industry representatives are waiting for a moment to be passed on to this proposal, which "secures the investor" to accelerate sales.

Elibol stated that this regulation is trying to ensure that the citizen can make purchases in the most correct way. Stating that Turkey currently online also conduct studies regarding the conclusion of residential sales Elibol "With the property law will no longer be everything transparent. 

Fatih Elibol also stated that some companies that provide franchisees are paying commission fees because they earned easy money through consultants. "Every month franchise offices under the name of royalty fee have fears of income ranging from 9 percent to 15 percent of their income. Also, they will not be able to earn 50 to 65 percent of their income from their consultants they fill their offices", he said.


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