The mystery of the stakes in Halic

In the recent days, fourty-two stakes in Haliç which lengthen seventy meters and formed were an object of interest of community of Istanbul and this mystery has not last a long time to resolve. As learned, a project of Eminönü – Alibeyköy tramline is planned to put into effect in 2019. After the offer of the municipal authority of Eyüp, metropolitan municipality of Istanbul put into operation this project. Indeed, one hundred and fifty-million-dollar budget are allocated for this one. To fill this region in Haliç for this purpose, the stakes were inserted on the side coast in front of the ancient Eyüp Sultan Mosque.


After this project, it was anticipated to regulate the traffic in the county of Eyüp. In this tramline, fourteen stations were expected to locate from the county of Eminönü to Alibeyköy along the line of Haliç coast. In addition, the estimated travel time is expected to be only thirty minutes along the trolley line. This tramway also was designed to carry twenty-five passengers in every hour.

In this tramway preparation salient in Haliç, fourteen stations are planned to be in the line and they are mentioned in the following. The tramway line will start from the square of Eminönü and end in the station of Alibeyköy (Alibeyköy Cep Otogarı). The intermediary stations are sited in Cibali, Balat, Feshane, the state hospital of Eyüp, the street of Sakarya, Alibeyköy, Küçük Pazar, Fener, Ayvansaray, Eyüp Teleferik, Silahtarağa and the centre of Alibeyköy respectively.

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