The Most Profitable Investment Instrument

The Most Profitable Investment Instrument is Borsa Istanbul Index (BIST100) in February! Borsa İstanbul Index make much more profits for their investors than the other investment instruments. Turkish Statistical Institution explained the related reports. According to the report’s data, the highest monthly real rate of return is 7.45% by the Domestic Price Index and 7.93% by the Consumer Price Index in the BIST 100 Index.

Investors Do Not Make Profits by the Gold, Interest, Euro and Dollar

When reduced by CPI( Consumer Price Index): DIBS provides 0.90% real rate of return, Gold Ingot provides 0.28% real rate of return, Deposit Interest lost 0.07%, Euro lost 2.85% and dollar lost 3.02%.

When reduced by DPI (Domestic Price Index): DIBS (State Bonds etc.) provide 0.45% real rate of return. The Gold Ingot lost 0.17%, Deposit Interest lost 0.51%, Euro lost 3.28% and Dollar lost 3.45%.

3 Month Evaluation Results

BIST 100 is also the best investment instrument in order to get good earnings for the traders in 3-Month period. BIST 100 brings 7.79% real rate of return by DPI and 11.32% real rate of return by CPI. For 3-Month Period DIBS lost 6.38% by DPI and 3.31% by CPI. (Reduced by CPI and DPI) The investors lost most from DIBS in the related period.

6 Month Evaluation Results

The Best Investment Instruments for 6-month period are listed by the Turkish Statistical Institution. According to this report, we can see that dollar is the first profitable investment instrument. Investors made profit through Dollar by 10.65% (Reduced by DPI) and 15.40% (Reduced by CPI). Gold Ingot is the most profitable investment instrument for one-year period.

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