The Lease Payments In Public Housing Are Certain

The Lease Payments In Public Housing Are Certain

The General Communiqué of the National Property of the Ministry of Finance was published in the Official Gazette. Monthly lease payments for public housing are set for 2018.
Accordingly, for domestic mud brick, wooden, vineyard and similar dwellings, the rental price is 2,07 TL per square meter, calorie-free housing for 3.24 TL, and the calorificated houses will receive a monthly rental price of 4.25 TL. In addition to the rented prices, 0,50 liras per square meter per month will be collected from the houses where the heater, concierge or both are covered by the institutions.


In the determination of electricity and water prices, it will be the basis of collecting from the users taking into consideration the actual expenses made by the institutions and organizations. However, if the electricity meter can not be separated, it will be 0.95 liras per square meter, if the water meter can not be separated, it will be 0.82 liras per square meter and if the electricity and water meter can not be separated, source water, etc.) in the case of 0,44 liras in the case of extra rent will be taken.

The houses which are covered by the Regulations of the Public Housing Law and which are supplied by the fuel corporations and institutions shall be charged with fuel costs of 1.70 liras per square meter in the houses where the heat share meter or calorimeter device is not installed.
In the houses where the heat share meter or calorimeter device is installed, the residents will be charged from the residents in the fuel-priced residence calculated on the basis of the consumption of the independent residence, not exceeding three times the fuel price, but the institutions and organizations will be charged with the fuel cost above this price.

In case the fuel, electricity, water, gas, vending and similar expenses in the common usage areas are met by the institutions and organizations for the compulsory reasons in the houses supplied by the institutions and organizations, 0.19 TL shall be collected per square meter of the additional rent and fuel charges .
The Communiqué will enter into force on January 15th.

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