The Kurbagalidere Almost Cleaned

The Kadıköy's one of the biggest problems is the bad smell occurs from the Kurbağalıdere. There have been major activities to clean all the dirt and remove the bad smell from the water and Kadıköy district which comes to an end. The 90 percent of the breeding activities are done.  

Odor diminishes

Since the first work had started at the Kurbağalıdere. Activities helped to reduce the very bad smell which residents of Kadıköy suffered from. There has been a great progress since then. 

Fish life is expected to rise

After the all work is done in Kurbağalıdere, scientist claim that the population of fish is expected to rise. The Manager or the Istanbul Municipality Infrastructure Services, Necmettin Acar, says that they reached the 90 percent range in work which they started since 2010, by doing that 90 percent of the bad smell has diminished he added. Acar pointed that  activities of the breeding will affect the fish life positively and "Fish life is already present and will increase with the waterfall system which helps to maximize the oxygen level" 

Activities to be done till April 2019

Acar added that the old bridges had been renewed and some of them rebuilt, the works are planned to be done till 2019 "To get over the bad smell that rise in summer times, collector pipelines were constructed for 10 underground." 

A bicycle way will be constructed

Another plan is building bicycle paths around the Yoğurtçu Park and its surroundings after all the breeding works are done. 

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