The increase of tourism has increased the prices of summer houses in Aegean and Mediterranean!

TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya stated that the prices in summerhouses in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions have increased more than other real estate in the region as a result of the increase in tourism.


 Izmir  is one of the most dynamic elements of the real estate sector in recent years, and has taken the upper order in preferences due to its relationship with the sea and nature, its social and cultural structure and tourism potential.

In May, Maya said that the biggest increase in the prices of houses for sale and rental in the province in the last year was experienced in Urla.

Maya stated that Urla has a significant increase in zero and second hand housing market in Urla, which is preferred by Istanbul and Ankara residents who have migrated to Izmir from metropolitan life. Urla's proximity to Izmir city center, Çeşme and the sea, was the greatest factor in the preference for a strong transportation connection with the city center.


Maya said, "While the prices of new residential properties for sale and rent in İzmir have increased by 10-15 percent on average, the rate in Urla province is 55-50 percent in Kekliktepe region, 50-55 percent in Cesmealti region and 30-35 percent in Kalabak region. The basic dynamics of this rise is the proximity of the region to the provincial center of Izmir. "

– "Revival in tourism increased demand for summerhouses"

Maya stated that the revival in tourism has increased the demand for the summer houses, completing her words as follows:

"On the basis of this information, we can see that the prices of summer houses in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions have increased more than normal properties at the beginning of tourism, and this increase has reached 2-3 times of the average. "

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