The House Prices Rise in Ataşehir

Ataşehir is one of the most attractive districts in İstanbul with its regular lower and upper structure. Ataşehir is surrounded by highways which are really important for İstanbul transportation. There are many qualified offices and houses. Ataşehir value has been increased in the last 10 years. While the investments take place the International Financial Center project just doubled its importance. With this project, house prices tripled in some areas, especially in Ümraniye and Ataşehir.


Many Projects on the Way

The new projects which are in the process yet, expected to raise the prices. Transformation schedule is in the last stage. The residents want a brand new identity for the neighborhoods. 

The value will increase

Chairman of the Teknik Yapı Company, Umut Durbakayım states that Ataşehir is a different district now, thanks to the IFC project. “With Special Houses, working infrastructure, smooth transportation, and by being situated in the heart of İstanbul makes Ataşehir one of the great areas, nowadays. Many of white-collar workers who will work for the financial institutions will raise the income level. Fenerbahçe Arena is also in the center of the district Ataşehir, this is another reason why the region is preferred mostly by families and investors.
The Head of the Building Contractors, Melih Tavukçuoğlu points that, in the last 10 years with its rising value, Ataşehir has increased the sale and rent rate by 250 percent. Tavukcuoğlu said, " Completing the IFC, house sales prices will double its rate over the next five year while this growth continues in Ataşehir,  and the value of the region will not be decreased  because it is located in the center of the transportation, schools, hospitals, etc. and is located in the center of life . "

Degressive Depreciation is Below the Average

 Mert Kutlu, a Member of the Board of Directors of Lens Yapi Group, says that depreciation period will be below the Istanbul average and the region continuously raise its value by responding both social needs and by being in the center of the transportation of İstanbul.

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