The Growing Real Estate Sector

Increasing urban population is causing the need for housing to increase. In many developed countries, especially in Turkey, the real estate sector is at the forefront of investor-oriented areas. It is also wondering how the future developments in the real estate sector will be shaped.

Housing prices and production have an evolving ecosystem, especially in metropolitan areas. For this reason, money flows constantly in the real estate sector. The fact that the prices in the real estate sector are influenced by the current economic situation of the country makes this sector much more important. Viewing the statistics, it seems that the real estate sector has been the favorite of the investment funds in recent years. It is understood that long-term investors have invested mostly in office floors and assets, except for investment in pension and insurance funds.


The real estate sector is investing more than $ 100 billion on worldwide. The reasons such as the continuous income of the office or property assets, the protection against inflation and the opportunity to diversify the investment, make the real estate sector preferred.

Construction, real estate and real estate sectors also contribute to the country’s economy in many areas. This sector, which creates new opportunities in terms of employment, attracts attention of foreign investors at the same time. Especially since 2010, Turkey, which provides growth in the real estate and construction sector, is one of the countries where foreign investors are most dominant. The most preferred choice for foreign investors is Istanbul.

The resurgence of housing demand, the introduction of new projects in urbanization is the news of the investments to be made in the field of real estate in the coming years. Parallel to this, real estate sector-related jobs will continue to show development potential.

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